It Was Fun While It Lasted!

It’s official. The Supreme Court has interpreted the US Constitution, the very document which established our limited federal government, to mean that our federal government has no limits. After 236 years, it’s over. There’s no more reason to celebrate this July 4. Americas founding principles have all been eroded. All that was fought for, has been given away. We might as well have remained British subjects. If the government can tax you if you don’t buy health insurance, then there is nothing to stop them from taxing you if you don’t buy broccoli, or buy an American car, or for not using sunscreen.

The Stamp Act of 2012 (formerly known as ObamaCare) has proven that our freedom was just an illusion. We are the subjects of his majesty, Uncle Sam. The Supreme Court can now safely be dismantled. It no longer has a mission, since it’s intended purpose (to restrain the other branches of government to the confines of the Constitution) has become moot. Evidently, there are no limits left to protect.

For those of you who refuse to acknowledge this fact because you see the result (in this specific case, i.e. healthcare) has a good thing for America, I say don’t be foolish. Celebrate with caution. Regardless of the morality or nobility of the cause, the door has been opened. The seal is broken. The slippery slope is open for business and season passes are on sale.

The merits or benefits of the ObamaCare law are irrelevant to this decision. The end does not justify the means. The vehicle by which we have arrived at this betrayal is now available for all to use. What happens when there is a different president, or another crisis, or some other impetus for “reform” ? What if it’s something that you don’t like next time?

Join a union or pay a tax. Exercise regularly or pay a tax. Wanna grow a garden? – pay a tax.

My fellow comrades, this is the real story about today’s decision. We can obscure this with heated debate of the health care law, but the real losers today were not the ObamaCare opponents. Rather, the center pillars of the American idea, the protection of individual liberty from the tyranny of government, have been weakened to the point where they are structurally unsafe.

How is this possible in America? Evidently because 5 people said so. In today’s 5-4 decision, the individual mandate has been ruled a “tax”, and a big one at that. A tax which will disproportionately affect, you guessed it, the middle class. So much for Obama’s promise not to raise taxes on the middle class. He now presides over the largest middle class tax increase in history. Where’s the 99% now?

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I'm a 47 year old software engineer and father of four.
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One Response to It Was Fun While It Lasted!

  1. notamobster says:

    Very well argued. I understand your concern. While the wind was taken out of the Commerce Clause, it was replaced with an insidious, back-handed “right” of the government to mandate anything.

    Listen, I think you should ask RD Walker if you can begin posting on The Real Revo. You’re good. You have a different take than many of us, and that view is needed. Plus, your knack for storytelling is great. The folks at the Revo love those kinds of posts.

    I sent him some emails and posts I had on my site, a few years ago, and he asked me to start writing for the Revo. You’ve got the chops, we’ve got an audience, and we could use your alternate perspective.

    Think about it.

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